Sheriff – Kaufman County

Long respected as the county’s top lawman, the sheriff has a range of duties that include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, operation of the jail and other responsibilities. Duties of the sheriff include:

Providing security for the operation of county and district courts;
•Enforcing traffic laws, other county ordinances and other state laws;
•Service of process;
•Accepting bail for prisoners in his custody;
•Conducting sales of seized and unclaimed properties; and
•Taking charge of and responsibility for the county jail and prisoners

Bryan Beavers
Kaufman County Law Enforcement Center
1900 E. US Hwy. 175
PO Drawer 849
Kaufman, TX 75142


  • We, the men and women of the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, believe that our fundamental duty is to serve and protect the citizens of Kaufman County with fairness, compassion, and respect.
  • We demand excellence in the quality of our law enforcement, stressing professionalism, integrity, and timeliness, so that those we serve may feel secure.
  • We provide equal enforcement and protection of the law without prejudice or favor.
  • We promote the setting of goals in partnership with the community, to prioritize and address problems based on the concerns of the community.
  • Committed to continuous improvement in law enforcement, we promote and utilize the most modern techniques available.

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