Fire Marshal – Kaufman County

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for assuring fire & life safety and to reduce the risk of fire loss to the lives and property of the citizens of Kaufman County.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is the law enforcement agency responsible for fire and arson investigations, life and safety inspections, commercial plan reviews and plan approvals.

The Fire Marshal’s Office provides inspections and permits for firework stands, schools, hospitals, nursing home facilities, foster and daycare homes, new commercial construction and special events within the unincorporated areas of Kaufman County.

The Fire Marshal’s Office provides support to the Fire Departments throughout the county and receives and investigates citizen complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards.

All investigators with the Fire Marshal’s Office are Licensed Peace Officers with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and are Licensed Fire & Arson Investigators with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. They are required to take and follow fire and arson cases from the initial stage of notification through the investigative process by examining fire scenes, filing reports, interviewing witnesses, processing samples, filing cases with the District Attorney and testifying in court.

Fire Marshal Randy Richards

Asst. Fire Marshall Chad Woosley

South Annex
3003 S Washington
Kaufman, Tx 75142
Phone: 469-376-4111
Fax: 469-376-4113

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