Environmental Enforcement – Kaufman County

Kaufman County has experienced a sharp increase in population. With this growth comes added pressures on the environment. For generations, many practices which were acceptable in the past, have now become illegal. The dumping of trash at unpermitted locations, throwing away old car batteries, and dumping used motor oil behind the garage or along fence lines, are all crimes that carry a fine and even a jail sentence. Although, these acts have always been harmful to our environment, we now have a better understanding of the extent and duration of these activities impacting our environment. The increasing population and number of people engaging in these types of activities have made it necessary to aggressively investigate and prosecute environmental crimes.

Recycling Center Contact Information

Forney Recycling Center
(972) 551-6604
Kaufman Trash and Recycling Center
(972) 932-2161
Kemp Recycling Center
(903) 498-3191
Terrell Citizens Convenience Station
& Recycling Center
(972) 551-6628

Kaufman County Environmental Enforcement Contact Information

Kaufman County
Environmental Enforcement
3003 S. Washington St.
Kaufman, Texas 75142
(469) 376-4127

Forms & Information

Recycling Center Information
Safety Alert-Hazardous Materials
Environmental Health Foster/Adoption License Application
Environmental Health Checklist
Environmental Permits/Licenses Information
Environmental What Constitutes a Public Nuisance?
Environmental Brochure
Environmental Fact Sheet

Additional Information

The Crime
Illegal Dumping

The Punishment
Fine up to $1,000,000
Incarceration up to 20 Years or Both

Illegally disposed litter, trash, rubbish,
garbage, and hazardous waste, all are
threats to public health.

People as well as animals can get
injured by broken glass, exposed
metals, and other dangerous materials.
Rats, snakes, mosquitoes, and other
pests can live in the garbage and
transmit disease to humans and pets.
Rotting food attracts flies, which may
carry germs that make people sick.
Harmful chemicals and other materials
that are dumped can contaminate our

Dumping into waterways, like ditches,
creeks, streams, and rivers can
prevent the proper flow of water and
cause flooding and pollution.

Illegal dumping costs money. Tax
dollars spent for clean-up cannot be
used for other needs.

Illegal dumping is ugly. When
someone dumps trash, others follow.
Garbage builds up until it is cleaned at
a cost that is passed along to citizens.


The Crime
Violation – Handling Used Motor Oil

The Punishment
Fine from $1000 to $100,000
Imprisonment up to 15 Years or Both

One reason the punishment is so
aggressive is that just one quart of
used motor oil can contaminate
250,000 gallons of water.

Most people agree that pouring used
motor oil into the local water supply
would be a destructive act. Yet, many
people will still dump dirty motor oil in a
sewer, drain, ditch, and on weeds.
However, rain creates runoff from
virtually any place used motor oil might
be dumped, and contaminated runoff is
one of the greatest causes of water
pollution today.

Kaufman County provides oil recycling
collection stations for citizens to
deposit their used motor oil and filters
at numerous locations throughout the
county. This service is free of charge.
Oil collection stations are located at:
Precinct 1 Maintenance Barn
Precinct 2 Maintenance Barn
Precinct 3 Maintenance Barn
Precinct 4 Maintenance Barn




The Crime
Unauthorized Disposal of
Lead-Acid Battery

The Punishment
Fine up to $4000
Imprisonment up to 1 Year or Both

Lead is a strong poison. Too much
lead in your body can damage your
brain and nervous system, blood,
kidneys, digestive system, and
reproductive system.

A lead-acid battery is hazardous waste.
Hazardous waste requires special
handling and disposal.


CLASS C…………………………..Fine to $500
CLASS B…………………………..Fine to $2000 Jail to 180 Days
CLASS A…………………………..Fine to $4000 Jail up to 1 Year

STATE JAIL………………..Fine up to $10,000 180 Days to 2 Years
3RD DEGREE……………..Fine up to $10,000 2 to 10 Years
2ND DEGREE……………..Fine up to $10,000 2 to 20 Years
1ST DEGREE………………Fine up to $10,000 5 to 99 Years or Life
CAPITAL…………………….Life or Death