County Court at Law #2 – Kaufman County
County Court at Law #2
Bobby Rich

Because the Constitution limits each county to a single county court, the Legislature has created statutory county courts at law in the larger counties to aid the single county court in its judicial functions.

The legal jurisdiction of the special county-level trial courts varies considerably and is established by the statute which creates the particular court. The jurisdiction of statutorily-created county courts at law is usually concurrent with the jurisdiction of the county and district courts in the county.

The civil jurisdiction of most county courts at law varies, but is usually more than that of the justice of the peace courts and less than that of the district courts. County courts at law usually have appellate jurisdiction in cases appealed from justice of the peace and municipal courts.

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Kaufman County Court at Law No. 2

Bobby Rich
Court Coordinator:
Bailey McCormick
phone: 972-932-4331 Ext 1255
Court Reporter:
Sherry Hooper
phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1155
Probate Auditor:
Tammy Windham
phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1354
Assistant Law Librarian:
Lisa Anderson
phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1356
Rusty Grimes
phone: 972-932-4331 Ext. 1114